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Alutech Systems are one of the largest extruders of Aluminium Systems in the world.

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding design and specification to make our products stand out from other manufacturers.

The BF73 Bifolding door can be used for Residential or Commercial purposes. Designed for the aesthetics and insulation requirements of a home, with outstanding durability and reliability of commercial application.

Specification at a glance

  • Sightline 120mm or 133mm for maximum vision
  • Panels of up to 3000mm high and up to 1200mm wide, without having to upgrade rolling hardware
  • 120kg per door leaf providing for the largest openings
  • Thermal properties of down to 1.4 U W/m2K
  • Engineering grade running rollers for a smooth and silky opening and closing operation
  • Above ground bottom rollers PAS 24 Security-rated
  • Tested to BS6375 Part 1 : 2009

Standard Threshold

Standard Threshold

Head Detail

Head Detail

Technical Detail

Intermediate Detail Integrated Lock

intermediate detail intergated lock

Intermediate Detail Integrated Lock

outer frame detail adjustable jambs

Table of Dimensions

Frame Width: 73mm
Frame Depth: 81mm inside to outside
Mullion Sight Line: 120mm or 133mm
Glass Possibilities: 28mm, 32mm, 35mm, 44mm, double & triple glazed units
Max Overall Height: 3000mm
Max Overall Width: 16.8m (1200mm per pane)

Technical Performance

Thermal properties: Down to 1.4 U W/m2K
Air: Class C4, 600 Pa
Wind: Class A3, 1200 Pa
Water: Class 9A, 600 Pa


Finish: Single or dual colour. Factory powder coated to marine quality as defined by Qualicote regulations.

Hardware: Handles are available in 5 different types of finish: White, Grey, Black, Chrome and Satin Chrome.

Hinges are finished in black as standard.

Threshold: Low threshold option for disabled accress and to eliminate trip hazards.

Trickle Vent: 25mm or 40mm infill frame options.

Corner Post available

Low Threshold detail

Low Threshold Detail

Door leaf configuration

BF73 is available in up to 7 leaves each way (14 total) to allow for the largest possible openings. To suit the specific application, the door leaves are able to open either from the left or right of the opening, either opening towards the inside of the property or to the outside – the choice is yours.

Door leaf configuration
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